About us

No, we're not Viewerlabs. No, we don't resell another service. Yes, we are the best Twitch viewer bot.

Who are we?

Learn more about the best Twitch viewer bot

Let's clear one thing up immediately. We're not Viewerlabs. We are a different breed of Twitch viewer bot, but we can understand your confusion so let me explain...We used to own another viewer bot service where we were reselling the services offered by Viewerlabs, with their permission. We built up a professional relationship with Viewerlabs and they had given us some trade secrets, some struggles and things to avoid before we decided to create our own bot. We are not a team of designers though, and so we asked Viewerlabs if we could copy their design, and they said yes! They even helped us with the design. We do not have any of their code, their database, their bots, or anything. They will not be taking any revenue from this website, helping in any way, shape or form. We are our own Twitch viewer bot and we appreciate the shout out from Viewerlabs. We wish them every success moving forward.

We share the same morals as Viewerlabs though, and we believe in keeping your data private. We have made every effort in keeping your data hidden from the world, including some very clever encryption techniques and data storage. Our team of developers have a very well-versed background in penetration testing and security of industry leading systems, also all inactive user accounts are purged often, deleting all data associated with the account.

Moving swiftly on

Now really learn about us

As mentioned earlier, we owned and operated another Twitch viewer bot that was simply reselling services, and we had already started the development of our very own bots. However, with our main supplier shutting down, we had to accelerate the process, so we bit the bullet and invested in some more developers to help get our viewer bot up and running. We are a team of 4 developers all of which stream on Twitch and have fairly successful channels already. The Twitch viewer bot thing is just a side project that we're passionate about.

Free Twitch viewer bot

That's right, we offer a free trial for our viewer bot. How else can we prove that we're the best? For that reason, we offer you a 60 minute trial to our viewer bot or chat bot and you can use up to 30 viewers/chatters.

All you need to do to claim your free trial is register to our website using a valid email (temp emails will not work) and not be using a VPN/Proxy. We do not give trials to users on VPN's/Proxies or if they have registered to our website before. Twitch viewer bots have the tendency to attract abuse, so we are very strict about our trials. You will not be able to abuse our system, please do not try.

So just head on over to the account registration page, verify your email and then login. Enjoy your 60 minute free twitch viewer bot!